Electronic Filing

Technology has the ability to make everyone’s life easier. With the consistently changing environment, everyone has been able to stay up to date with everything because of the use of technology. Many issues that have occurred with businesses in the past included the issue of losing documentation, inconsistency with documentation, changes in workers and procedures, changes in clientele, maybe a workplace is moving, losing information, and many more. These issues mostly are based off of the idea of redundancy, extra stress, and loss or misplacement of important information.

The use of technology has increased over a number of years to provide users with ability to decrease the stress in their life and these issues. With the use of technology, users have the ability to load all documentation online, or electronically fill it out to be saved online. This information can be accessed through clouds and other storage spaces that can be accessed anywhere. With the ability to access it anywhere, management can adjust who can view it. Also, businesses can adjust who can edit the information and create tutorials on accessing the information.

One major risk that concerns technology users is the loss and security of their information. Addressing the loss of information, users have options in which they save their information. Portable flashdrives, clouds, and other means can be used to save information and be locked away so no one can access them. This helps with the security concerns that someone might have.

In situations where documentation goes missing, files can be accessed online. If the file cannot be found online simply, there are search wizards that can search the computer by name of the file, words in the file, a description of the file, etc. to minimize the search time. This is crucial in business because time is money. Not only that, but employees of a business might constantly be changing. With this feature, an employee who just started has the ability to find information that someone who has been working there since the beginning would typically only know how to find.

By transferring files a company might use to a technology based procedure, the company’s efficiency was increased dramatically. Reasons for this would have the do with elimination of time searching, elimination of time training employees, elimination of looking unprofessional due to a loss of files. These are really important considerations in keeping a business floating. Because everything is constantly changing and the wants of clients change with it, the use of technology is the smartest resource a company can use.

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